The way to conduct business, marketing and life itself has changed radically, which forces companies and individuals to adapt their practices and legal relationships to the changing world of information and communication technologies. These changes force us to offer our clients avant-garde legal services and excellence, change and constant updating, aggressive marketing regulatory compliance.

Eproint understands these changes perfectly, and proposes innovative solutions to protect your business, image or any investment in the face of the various threats or risks that an uncovered technological incursion may imply.

As a firm specialized in Intellectual Property, Marketing and Copyright protection, as well as Computer Law, Eproint understands perfectly the influence that technologies can have on today’s society and we start from this multidisciplinary vision to guarantee excellence in our work.

Our lawyers also have the support of experts in other areas of law, such as commercial and criminal law that guarantee our clients a global approach to their queries, areas of opportunity and business, so that satisfaction is our hallmark of guarantee.

We highlight as related services the following:

Marketing And Online Advertising

1. Legal review of advertising campaigns on the Internet and social networks and other digital media (radio and television).
2. Validation of promotions, raffles and online contests.

Regulatory – Compliance

1. Compliance review and adherence to regulations
2. Evidence of compliance
3. Training and revision of internal regulations.

Internal Regulation (Standards and Business Protocols)

1. Rules for the use of corporate ICT resources and remote operation
2. Rules for the use of personal mobile devices (BYOD)
3. Correct use of corporate and personal social networks
4. Protocol for the inspection of corporate ICT resources

Data Privacy and Data Protection

1. Cookie policies
2. Adaptation to the Data Protection Law
3. Informative self-determination
4. Right to be forgotten
5. Request for withdrawal of denigratory comments

Ecommerce – Electronic Commerce

1. Review of web pages
2. General Contracting Conditions
3. Online consent

ICT contracts

1. Escrow
2. Outsourcing
3. Big data
4. Cloud computing
5. Software development

Industrial property

1. Registration and litigation of domain names
2. Exposure and correct management of a brand in social networks
3. Management of attacks against the brand in social networks
4. Management and protection against attacks against personal or commercial reputation online


1. Licenses of use
2. Contracts of transfer of rights
3. Proof of ownership

Protecting your investment can sometimes be difficult, but performing this task with a team of passionate and highly trained professionals guarantees quality and results. Come to us and remember that investing in protection and regulatory compliance is investing in the tranquility and security of your business.


Data protection refers to the protection of information relating to living beings and constitutes important intellectual property, often neglected. Eproint is able to review the current data protection policies and will advise you about the inconveniences of compliance in accordance with current legislation in order to make your business run as normal as possible. If data protection is given correctly it can add great value to your business.

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