Anti Counterfeiting

Companies devote effort and money towards the creation and establishment of their brands. Counterfeiting, piracy and products from the gray market cause significant economic and market losses to legitimate holders.

There is no doubt that counterfeit products are always of lower quality and never equal to the real and original version. They induce consumers to deceive and tarnish the image of the brand.

The problem of piracy and counterfeiting is a global one that represents daily challenges to the owners and where China, India and in general the Asian countries represent an original market and creator of these products.

At Eproint we understand how important brands are for our clients and the impact that counterfeiting and piracy cause. We work hand in hand with our clients in the implementation of border measures and strategies for the confiscation of said products at the border, carrying out joint investigations with the Customs Directorates, the Fiscal and Municipal Polices as appropriate.

In the same way we have strategic partners around the world that allows us to obtain results in real time and to report them to our clients even as soon as we know about a shipment that has justify from China! We take effective action in order to minimize the problem in order to stop counterfeiters and pirates at once.

Gray market products

Gray market products are genuine products that are obtained from a market and that are subsequently imported and marketed in a different market for which they were originally designed, without the manufacturer’s consent.

Parallel imports can have a serious impact on companies in some local or international markets, thus affecting the value of the brand.

Sometimes the possible that the products of the gray market are commercialized to a cost lower than the average causing losses to the original manufacturer and where in addition the brand manipulation affects the prestige of the mark since they could be damaged products, although original.

Our team of lawyers monitors and advises you on the best strategy to adopt to prevent the commercialization of gray market products.

Online and on-site monitoring

The customs duty is closely linked to the intellectual property right in its various facets.

Counterfeit products comprise a significant volume of the market and cause millions of losses to their legitimate owners as well as the detriment of the reputation and prestige of the brand. Frequently the most successful is a brand will have greater challenges in the area of anti-piracy and preventive trademark protection. Therefore, a company’s reputation depends on its ability to proactively and preventively protect its brand.

Our team is able to advise you through an online and on-site monitoring service that prevents inappropriate appropriation of your brand.

Criminal Law of Intellectual Property

We carry out the effective defense of your brand in those cases where imports and commercialization of counterfeit products are detected, which may generate economic and reputational damages to your brand.

These processes in customs and judicial offices with respect to the protection of trademarks, designs and patents, attack and protect the signs of conduct related to counterfeiting, fraud and prejudice of the owner.

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