Since the Belize Intellectual Property Office changed administration, it has since revamped some of its policies and procedures in an effort to better serve its agents and customers.

Efforts have been made in securing additional personnel to assist with examinations and efficient turnaround time for IP matters.

In April Belipo held a meeting with the IP Agents to discuss the procedures that were of concern in particular in relation to trademark applications, amendments, renewals and records generally. In consequence of that meeting, Belipo has effected certain policy and administrative changes, the most relevant of which has been the requirement for Applicants to submit a Notarized Authorisation of Agent (POA) or one that is authenticated by Apostille where notarisations are not common in the Applicant’s jurisdiction. Belipo will accept a copy of the Notarised authorisation with the original to follow within 30 days of filing.

Of note as well is that BELIPO requires that applications for extension of time are to be made prior to the expired date allotted. Belipo has also requested that deadlines be met preferably prior to deadline date.

Oneyda Flores Piper